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  • + Avery Products launches Surface Safe sign labels

    Avery Products Corporation, ( has introduced Surface Safe sign labels. This customisable signa..

    20 February 2018

    Avery Products Corporation, has introduced Surface Safe sign labels. This customisable signage leaves no damage or residue on walls, windows, stainless steel and more.

    The sign labels, available at Fastenal, Amazon, and select distributors, are made of a durable polyester material that’s water, chemical, abrasion and tear resistant. They’re suitable for creating caution, hazard, compliance, warning and confined space signs, as well as signs for offices, schools, special events and home. They’re easy to customize and users can either print them from a standard desktop printer or have them custom printed by Avery WePrint, the company’s professional printing service.

    Product features include:

    • Removable Surface Safe adhesive sticks and stays put yet removes cleanly without damage or residue, for up to three years when used as recommended.
    • Recommended for indoor use on drywall, doors, glass, stainless steel and more
    • Ability to easily create custom signs using the free Avery Design and Print software at or order custom signs from Avery WePrint at
    • Choose from hundreds of complimentary stock or customizable OSHA/ANSI compliant templates

    “These new sign labels offer a simple solution for businesses and facilities to create custom signage that won’t damage surfaces and holds up to wear and tear in warehouses, the manufacturing floor and offices,” says Tina Huff, group product manager. “The adhesive used in our Surface Safe technology offers users a unique performance, and even better, with the easy-to-use design software, they can design and print new signage in minutes from their desktop printer or let Avery WePrint professionally print them. And when they need a change, they can easily take the sign down, leaving no damage or residue.”

    The labels are compatible with both laser and inkjet printers—no specialized printer is required. For the best inkjet printer performance, use pigment-based inks like those used in HP OfficeJet Pro and Epson WorkForce Pro printers.

    Tips and Tricks : Wall Film Preparation and Application

    – Written by Jessica Tailby. Graphic Art Mart

    Wall films come in a range of textures, with durability and adhesive features to match many applications including:

    • walls, doors, ceilings
    • reception areas, offices
    • retail stores, gyms, restaurants
    • home décor, furniture
    • showrooms, exhibitions
    • hallways, walkways

    Beyond meeting concept and design objectives, the key points to consider for wall graphics are:

    • Choosing the right wall graphic product
    • Careful surface preparation

    Surface Preparation:

    Preparing the surface properly is the foundation to a successful application. To prevent your wall graphic from bubbling, peeling or sliding off, the surface has to be free of dust and damage. Success can be guaranteed with patience and attention to detail. By hastily installing wall graphics, you are inviting failure.

    Pristine Walls:
    Irrespective of wall type – plaster, brick, concrete or rendered walls; loose joints, flaky material, chipped or peeling paint, holes and cracks – anything that might affect the quality of the wall graphic must be attended to.
    Repairs will avoid two issues:

    • The wall graphic film will adhere to the surface better and maintain quality and longevity.
    • Imperfections are more evident when graphics are applied, and may be even more obvious if a protective overlaminate is used.

    Painted Surfaces:
    To be certain of the surface quality, repaint with a high quality semi-gloss or gloss paint. A textured surface will limit the adhesion of the graphic, i.e. the film sticks to the high points only. A smooth flat surface will give the best opportunity for a quality application and thorough adhesion.

    A newly painted wall, after curing still needs to be cleaned with a lint free cloth to remove any dust particles. Existing walls, if in good condition, are to be washed with Isopropyl Alcohol and dried thoroughly.

    Time is Your Friend:
    Allow time for paint to cure not merely dry. Curing gives maximum hardness, time for outgassing, and covers other factors such as the thickness and colour of your paint and the surface type. For water based paints curing can take as long as 30 days whereas oil-based paints can take 7 days. Your paint manufacturer should provide clear guidelines. Applying a graphic before complete curing may cause lifting, or bubbles that result in failure.

    Sometimes speed is necessary, particularly for business advertising and workplaces. Vipond’s Self Adhesive Prep Coat can be used to enhance the adhesion of self-adhesive digital prints onto internal and external surfaces.

    Choosing the Right Product:
    Get it right first time! Understanding objectives, the look and feel of the wall graphic and the surface type are the first considerations. Knowing the traffic flow and if the graphic will be touched, brushed or scratched may mean adding protection through laminating.
    To be confident of success, test the compatibility of the graphic film in an inconspicuous surface area.

    The following examples show some of the many vinyls, wallpaper fabrics and high tack films available:

    Vinyl Indoor Wall Film
    Vinyl wall film is a common solution for wall murals, POP and tradeshow applications in high traffic areas such as shopping centres, businesses or conventions. Being a tough and scuff resistant film, it is perfect to ensure
    longevity and maintain a fresh appearance.

    The Avery MPI 2611 Wall Film suits these applications perfectly. Being a 152 micron satin white vinyl film with a thick face construction it provides extra stability to eliminate curling and bubbling. Its adhesive qualities work well with many kinds of walls and painted surfaces, while at the same time it can be removed if necessary. This film is often laminated for added protection as well as making it easier to install.

    Printable Wallpaper Film
    Changing old wallpaper perceptions, with digital print technology and modern wallpaper graphic media you can have a unique design to achieve a WOW factor.

    The Sihl 3258 Satin Wallpaper is a market leader. Being a printable wallpaper film coated with a satin finish it provides outstanding scratch and water resistant qualities. Easy to apply it comes pre-coated with a wateractivated adhesive that is quick drying.

    Fabric Textile Film
    Fabric materials are proving very popular for a soft, textured feel. One advantage of these films are that they are removable, repositionable and reusable.

    Phototex Blockout is a tinted removable/reuseable textile film that is seen in retail outlets, shopping centres, commercial buildings and homes. Its tinted adhesive ensures a solid colour finish and can be installed on any
    surface except non-painted brick. In addition it can be used over and over again.

    High Tensile Wall Film
    Where the quality of the surface is unknown a high tack adhesive film is recommended to ensure that the wall graphic is effective. This is particularly true when applying to highly textured surfaces such as brick and concrete. The Arlon DPF 8000 Series Outdoor Wall Film is equally suitable to indoor applications. This product is a 90 micron satin white poly vinyl chloride film with high tensile properties designed to last.

  • + Kodak Adds Violet Ink, Expands Proofer Connectivity to Proofing Software

    Kodak announced upgrades to the Kodak Proofing Software, making it easier for printers to spend less time planning a..

    31 January 2018

    Kodak announced upgrades to the Kodak Proofing Software, making it easier for printers to spend less time planning and more time printing consistent colour results. New with the upgrade, Kodak Proofing Software allows you to proof spot colours with stunning accuracy with new support for violet ink proofers from the EPSON SC-P7000 and SC-P9000 family. The new upgrade also meets print buyer expectations by achieving standard targets based on ISO 12647, GRACoL, and SWOP with Certified Proofing for Colour Confirmation.

    While the Kodak Proofing Software gives you better management of colors, it also pairs perfectly with some of the impressive features already in the software including supporting custom media, industry leading color performance and scheduled calibration. This allows printers to calibrate after hours, meeting print buyer specifications and maintaining industry standards. The end result is to achieve top-of-the-line proofing right in the hands of the users to ensure a flawless finished product.

    “Kodak Proofing Software is a dependable, easy-to-use solution for inkjet proofing,” said Allan Brown, VP and general manager of Kodak’s Unified Workflow Solutions. “This offering reduces costs by eliminating extensive planning and allows for an overall increase in operations agility by delivering consistent, reliable results time after time. Kodak Proofing Software builds on top of the same best in class colour technology found in Kodak COLORFLOW Software and in the rest of Kodak’s PRINERGY Product Suite.”

  • + EFI Optitex Launches 3D Design Illustrator to Validate and Customize 3D Garments in Adobe Illustrator

    EFI Optitex®, the world’s leading provider of integrated 2D & 3D CAD/CAM apparel platform technology, ..

    31 January 2018

    EFI Optitex®, the world’s leading provider of integrated 2D & 3D CAD/CAM apparel platform technology, has launched the Optitex 3D Design Illustrator, a plug-in tool allowing designers the freedom to validate and customize 3D garments in Adobe® Illustrator®. The new 3D Design Illustrator was announced this week at 19th annual EFI Connect users’ conference in Las Vegas.

    Through working in the native design environment on a PC or a Mac, designers can visualize 3D garments, with accurate proportion and scaling, and customize the garment’s fabric, texture, print patterns and graphic placement without waiting for a printed sample.

    The plug-in works by importing 2D and 3D pattern files or building block libraries into Adobe Illustrator and activating a window with a 3D representation of the pattern side-by-side. Users can export the final file as a picture or 3D file, validate designs among teams, and send directly for digital or sublimation printing.

    3D adoption is already a necessity for nearly every successful fashion company, and in that space, it is important to onboard all teams from design to production,” said Guy Alroy, head of Textile product management, EFI Productivity Software. “Now, entire teams can enable 3D capabilities to streamline the whole design to print workflows, letting them focus on creativity, reduce physical prototypes, and get to market faster than before.”

    A video of the new plug-in software is available at: For more information, visit

    EFI also offers Fiery DesignPro textile design plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop on Mac or Windows computer platforms. Fiery DesignPro cost-effectively improves textile design speed and accuracy, lets designers experiment more confidently, and communicates color consistently from design to production.

  • + Xerox, EFI Lay Groundwork for Next Generation Printing

    Xerox (

    31 January 2018

    Xerox and Electronics For Imaging (EFI) today demonstrated a new Fiery digital front end (DFE) that will give print providers a powerful new tool to manage high-value jobs that require special embellishments and effects using dry inks including silver, gold and clear.

    Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends projects that digital print enhancement volume will grow at a 27 percent compound annual growth rate through 2020, providing print operations with new business that promises both growth and profit.

    “This new development by Xerox and EFI is a testament to the commitment by both suppliers to enrich their solutions with efficient production workflow, processing power and color management needed for the range of applications produced today,” said Ron Gilboa, group director, Keypoint Intelligence. “These tools are critical for print providers who are looking to grow their business and offer their clients differentiated solutions including color and the use of special embellishments in metallic gold and silver.”

    In February of last year, Xerox announced the sale of its FreeFlow Print Server (FFPS) DFE business to EFI, along with plans to work with EFI to market a single DFE to drive Xerox digital production presses. The new DFE combines unique features from the Xerox FFPS with the capabilities of the market leading EFI Fiery DFE.

    “This is an important step in our collaboration with EFI to offer our customers a single and more powerful DFE,” said Andrew Copley, president, Graphic Communications Solutions, Xerox. “Customers will benefit not only from greater production efficiencies and performance capabilities, but also from increased support in the field.”

    The new DFE delivers fast Raster Imaging Processor (RIP) speeds, seamless automation integration, and advanced workflow efficiency and productivity. Additional customer benefits include:

    • Access to EFI’s sales and technical field resources working side-by-side with their Xerox sales reps.
    • A standardized and simplified digital workflow. Fiery Command WorkStation provides a single, intuitive user interface across a customer’s entire print operation.
    • Customized workflows for metallic applications. The DFE optimizes processing speeds for single or multiple jobs with Fiery HyperRIP technology.
    • Color management tools along with gold, silver and clear dry ink capabilities that allow customers to create more metallic effects and tactile embellishments for higher-value applications.

    “Working with Xerox on the 2017 acquisition of FFPS technology marked a new level of cooperation in our longstanding partnership, and we are excited about the new technology that it has yielded,” said Toby Weiss, senior vice president and general manager, EFI Fiery. “The new technology demonstration at Connect will show customers the important ways digital print is expanding, with fully color managed metallic effects, stronger, better automation, superior options in late-stage editing, and much more.”

    The new DFE will be driving a production color press technology demonstration at EFI Connect in Xerox booth # 101. The booth will also display a Xerox AltaLink C8000 with the recently launched Xerox EX-c C8000 Print Server Powered by Fiery along with a workflow station featuring Xerox FreeFlow Core.

  • + RIPped for success

    At the beginning of the digital age, the RIP was the premier tool of printers and repro houses. Today, output device..

    21 December 2017

    At the beginning of the digital age, the RIP was the premier tool of printers and repro houses. Today, output devices take centre-stage along with file-sharing, remote access and cloud storage applications. However, RIPs still matter – a lot – indeed, print quality depends upon it. In this feature, Radisa Peric, Flexi Product Manager at SAi, looks at what wide-format print providers and signmakers should consider when choosing a RIP. Clearly, one size doesn’t fit all … to read the full article, click here.

  • + Jet Launching Specialty films

    Jet Technologies (Jet) is launching a new range of speciality films, Soft Touch, which are available in black, gold,..

    12 December 2017

    Jet Technologies (Jet) is launching a new range of speciality films, Soft Touch, which are available in black, gold, and white from early next year.

    Damon Norton, Sales Manager Films at Jet says, “For a long time we have been offering a high-quality anti-scuff matte film, Durophan Plus. It has been very well received.

    “Alongside that in our specialty line up is Soft Touch, which has been around for a while. We have now partnered with Derprosa, the coating technology patent holder in Europe. With Derprosa we have the right products, with the right supply lines. 

    “Knowing that we are working with the inventors of soft touch gives us a lot of pride in offering these films.

    “It is a wonderful standalone in clear, and now we have added black, gold, silver and white. So for us it is about value-add. We want our clients to recover as much as they can when laminating.

    “On the Soft Touch films, embellishing can be achieved via spot UV, hot foil stamping and embossing.

    “We want our clients to offer a point of difference to creatives and brand managers. Once they get a sense of what is possible with these products, we feel strongly that they will create new levels of emotional response to their print work. Through Jet the general trade will have a supply line that they can work with alongside creatives to make the most of the tactile and visual possibilities that our films offer.

    “It is all about options and being able to offer our expertise to clients so they can lift their return on finishing processes.”

    They will be formally released early next year, with the company noting limited amounts will be available prior to that.

    Norton says, “I believe we have the product right, and the supply lines right. It is about making sure people know about it.

    “Keep a look out for digital versions of the Durophan Plus and Soft Touch films. It is something we are working on.”

  • + SAi Announces Worldwide Agreement with Graphtec to Include Flexi-based Software on Company’s Full Range of Vinyl Cutters

    Salt Lake City, Utah, USA – SA International (SAi), the leading provider of software solutions for the profess..

    12 December 2017

    Salt Lake City, Utah, USA – SA International (SAi), the leading provider of software solutions for the professional signmaking, wide-format digital printing and CAD/CAM for CNC machining industries, has announced a worldwide agreement with cutting technology giant, Graphtec, to supply three newly-created cutting software packages with the company’s entire range of large format vinyl cutters.

    Driven by SAi’s market-leading Flexi software, the feature-rich cutting solutions – Cutting Master 4, Graphtec Pro Studio and Graphtec Pro Studio Plus – have been designed to meet the varied requirements of print service providers and sign & display companies.

    The new three-tier offering replaces Graphtec’s previous software solution, also named Graphtec Pro Studio, and provides users with access to the specific design and cutting tools to suit their respective needs.

    Commenting on the agreement Hiroyuki Takahata, Senior Managing Director at Graphtec, said: “Our goal is to provide our customers with full access to a complete workflow to ensure that they can maximum the potential of our cutters. With the enhanced design and editing functions, the new SAi software solutions work in conjunction with our cutters to deliver greater productivity and incredible output. This partnership brings with it fantastic opportunities to expand application offerings and improve business operations for users.”

    As a world leader in cutting technology, Graphtec’s portfolio includes flatbed, roll- and sheet-fed cutters, which deliver cutting widths of up to 162 cm / 64 in. The new software packages comprise:

    Graphtec Pro Studio Plus

    Driven by FlexiSIGN, Graphtec Pro Studio Plus offers users the most comprehensive offering with a haul of new tools including smart nesting for designs that are larger than the substrate. Graphtec Pro Studio Plus will automatically nest the sections of the design that exceed the material into available vacant space. This ability to maximise material usage ensures that print service providers and sign & display companies can enjoy greater capital saving. The Animated Cut Viewer tool allows users to view and analyse the cutting order and amend this ahead of the cutting process for optimum productivity. This solution is available as a payable upgrade from Graphtec.

    Graphtec Pro Studio

    Graphtec Pro Studio offers a vast catalogue of options when creating original designs. It includes enhanced functions such as auto-shapes. This enables faster and easier output of sign and display applications and crucially, reduces the time-consuming barriers of designing from scratch. Using the new Advanced Registration Mark Sensing System (ARMS), users can easily achieve highly accurate results. Graphtec Pro Studio is included with all Graphtec cutters.

    Cutting Master 4

    Designed as a Graphtec plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Cutting Master 4 enables users to drive the cutter with minimum input. New capabilities enable simple creation of registration marks to locate the design, which improves accuracy and allows users to enjoy greater production efficiency. This tool is included with all Graphtec cutters.

    Mark Blundell, CEO at SAi concludes, “We are proud to join forces with Graphtec and add it to a roster of leading strategic partnerships. With almost 70 years’ experience, Graphtec has built a reputation as the number one for pioneering cutters which is complemented by our industry-acclaimed Flexi-driven bundles. This collaboration provides Graphtec customers the opportunity to enhance their business performance by increasing throughput and achieving premium quality applications.”

    Available now, Graphtec Pro Studio and Graphtec Pro Studio Plus are compatible with Windows, and Cutting Master 4 is accessible on both Windows and Mac platforms.

    Mark Blundell, CEO of SAi (left) and Hiroyuki Takahata, Senior Managing Director at Graphtec (right)

  • + Sun Chemical Launches new UV/EB inks for Food Packaging

    Sun Chemical has launched two new UV/EB inks for primary and secondary food packaging that are compliant with the st..

    20 November 2017

    Sun Chemical has launched two new UV/EB inks for primary and secondary food packaging that are compliant with the strictest global standards in the marketplace, including Nestlé food packaging requirements and Swiss Ordinance chemical composition requirements.

    The two new inks—SunBeam Advance EB offset inks and SunCure Advance UV inks—meet the latest photoinitiator-safe packaging guidelines and are made with no BPA-based chemical to meet the most stringent global standards. They provide low odor, as well as very low residual extractables characteristics while maintaining the highest standards of pressroom performance at the highest press speeds. 

    Specifically formulated to help increase productivity by significantly reducing the number of blanket washes, these ink systems work on a variety of substrates and specifically address concerns that brand owners face due to strict labeling laws like California’s Proposition 65.

    Designed for high-speed web folding carton and flexible packaging applications, SunBeam Advance electron beam (EB) curable offset inks offer high transfer and excellent lithographic water window properties, adhesion and abrasion resistance, outstanding cure response, excellent color recovery after a stop, and hold density well to help improve overall quality. SunBeam Advance inks are considered high strength to help improve mileage and can also reduce startup and running waste.

    SunCure Advance UV inks are designed for food packaging applications and offer excellent runnability on both super high speed sheetfed and web presses. In addition to extremely high transfer properties and very good lithographic water window, these inks hold density well and provide very good UV cure response under either inter-station curing or delivery positioned lamp conditions. SunCure Advance inks also offer adhesion to some non-porous type stocks. This ink system can be used for the most sensitive packaging applications where low odour and extractables are essential.

  • + Graphic Art Mart Announce Extension of Aslan’s Portfolio of Metal Effect Films

    Graphic Art Mart is delighted to announce the extension of Aslan’s broad portfolio of metal effect films. To c..

    18 October 2017

    Graphic Art Mart is delighted to announce the extension of Aslan’s broad portfolio of metal effect films. To complement the MetalEffect ASLAN CA 23 series, consisting of a variety of polished and brushed metal effect films, the metallic colour rose gold is now also available. 

    Rose gold is an extremely popular shade at the moment across a number of different industries, including décor, jewellery, electronics, fashion and interior design. With the self-adhesive polyester film, this trendy colour can now easily be integrated in shop window designs, visual merchandising and shop fitting. The highly glossy film has been designed for the creation of plotted lettering, logos and designs on smooth surfaces as well as full-surface designs. 

    Thanks to the identical effect on both sides, the film is particularly suited for glass applications. Applying a plotted design inversely on the inner side of the glass also protects it from deliberate damage and other external factors. The rose gold film has a minimum outdoor durability of two years and is suitable for interior as well as exterior applications. 

    For more information, visit

  • + New Graphic Art Mart Catalogue

    Graphic Art Mart has released their updated October 2018 catalogue. This comprehensive guide is jam packed with the late..

    16 October 2017

    Graphic Art Mart has released their updated October 2018 catalogue. This comprehensive guide is jam packed with the latest product releases, updates and pricing across over 250 pages. Click here to go straight to the guide.