Visual Connections Aus LTD.


Annually, Visual Connections allocates funds to its sponsorship pool in order to support various events and activities on the Printing and Graphic Media Industry calendar. In the past we have sponsored events such as the SWUG Conference, JPE Leaders Conference and Women in Print. Sponsorship applicants are advised to refer to the Visual Connections Sponsorship Application Form for terms and conditions.

Visual Connections-LIA Biennial National Graduate Scholarship $15,000

The biennial Visual Connections-LIA National Graduate Scholarship Prize (previously GAMAA) is sponsored by Visual Connections and is awarded on the premise the winner undertakes further education, either formal or in the field. The $15,000 scholarship is presented at the LIA Biennial Conference and reflects Visual Connections long-term commitement to developing leadership and best practice in the industry.

Ten graduates, winners from the previous and current year State competitions, vie for this prestigious scholarship.

Past winners:
2015: Jessica McAuley, Drum Print and Publications
2013: Samuel Moss, SBM
2011: Robert Wilson, Detmold Packaging
2009: Anna Moran, NSW Department of Lands, Graphic Services Division
2007: Sarah Thomas, Collotype Labels of South Australia
2005: Ben Hickey, Sony BMG

Applying for a Visual Connections Sponsorship

In line with Visual Connections’s commitment to promoting leadership in the Printing and Graphic Media Industry, Visual Connections encourages applications for sponsorship that demonstrate educational and/or leadership components with measurable outcomes/benefits to industry participants. Activities with a national focus will be given priority, however all applications will be assessed on individual merit.

Application Deadlines

Visual Connections considers sponsorship applications at its quarterly meetings - March, June, September and December. Applications must be submitted two weeks prior to the quarterly meeting. Please note Visual Connections does not fund activities retrospectively. Applications for sponsorship must be made on the official Visual Connections application form. DOWNLOAD HERE. All applicants will be formally advised of the status of their application.