Colour Graphic Services

  • About Colour Graphic Services
  • At Colour Graphics Services our portfolio of consulting & key product offerings include; Idealliance G7 Expert, Idealliance G7 Master Qualification, Print calibration & ICC profiling, Colour standardisation to G7, ISO or an in-house standard, ISO 12647 implementation, audits and certification, Colour Quality Management in print consulting. Product sales and Technical support for: - MELLOW COLOUR PrintSpec, InkSpec, Impression Proof, Mellow Cloud & Mellow Analytics - TECHKON spectrophotometers, densitometers, plate readers.- MYIRO-1 & MYIRO-9 spectrophotometers and MYIROtools software, JUST NORMLICHT ISO 3664 Lighting & Viewing Systems - PRINTFLOW Closed loop colour systems - EIZO High End Graphics monitors